Wind & Water
Poems by Osmond Beckwith

This handsome 48-page letter-press-printed paperback, with an original engraving by Michael McCurdy, is Osmond Beckwith's last and best book of poems.

Renowned poet X.J. Kennedy praises Mr. Beckwith's work:

Wind & Water is a book long overdue, a generous selection from Osmond Beckwith's decades of impressive poetry. Freshness of phrase marks it, and an acerbic wit, a sharp eye, a willingness to take the reader into his confidence. Beckwith is a yea-sayer who opens our eyes to the world's vitality; with precision, he captures the wonder of a present moment. To read him is continually to be delighted and surprised. "Paean," "I Wish I Were the Wind," "Yacht Sonnet," "Ballad of Lead Belly," "The Farm Family" are a few of the memorable poems which, in their diverse ways, I can't imagine coming from any other American poet.

Included in this work are poems honored by the Poetry Society of America and Hampton's International Poetry Contest.

This book may be ordered from the publisher:

Birch Brook Press
P.O. Box 81
Delhi, NY 13753
(607) 746-7453

This book, published at $15.00, is available to readers of this Website and their friends for $11.00 plus $3.50 for shipping. New York and California residents please add your local sales tax.

Note also Mr. Beckwith's excellent Vernon: An Anecdotal Novel, offered gratis (except for $2.00 shipping charge). Details are available at: