Greedy Book-Peddling Vultures!

Originally published 5 June 2006.

Updated 17 December 2010. Additions and changes are in red, except the new paragraphs about Legman's books. All new information is as of 17 July 2006 or later and prices are from the,, and websites.
Added several comments and new listings from on 3 August 2006.
Updated 8 and 12 September 2006 (see
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Updated 10 March 2009 (from

An Update on Avol's Books (3 Nov. 2006) is here.
Information added on 7 February and 2 May 2007 is shown in green.

It's time again to pillory some of the many greedy vultures who offer used copies of our Maledicta Press books at outrageous prices. Most of these used-book- and rare-book-peddling scumbags offer their books via and, but even big boys like the famous Dutch publisher of overpriced scholarly journals, John Benjamins, are getting into the act of asking obscene prices for our books. Other bloodsuckers were exposed in 2002 in "Updates 2" and in "The Electronic Pillary."

It disgusts me especially that many or most of these used-book hyenas buy (our) used books for a dollar or less and then shamelessly sell them for obscenely high prices. That's "Buy low, sell high" at its worst. Have they no shame, no morals, no ethics, no conscience?

Below is a sampling from Abebooks, Amazon, and Alibris, where you can see the incredibly greedy prices. Sorted by highest price to see the worst first.

Classic American Graffiti (our price: $6.00):

  • The greediest swine: "Livrenoir" (UK): $294.52! [Added April 27, 2009] See their other outrageous prices below. This anonymous book-peddler (i.e., no person's name revealed) operates out of Suite 311, 10 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 ( and now also ships from England.

    More greedy bastards:

  • "booklab" (N.Y., USA): $237.09! [Added Dec. 2010]
  • "quality7" (Georgia, USA): $173.36! [Added March 10, 2009]
  • "annabananasearch" (D.C., USA): $158.50! [Added March 31, 2008]
  • "books_bouquins"="Booksbouquins" (N.Y., USA): $150.00! [Added March 10, 2009]
  • "More Books" (Florida, USA): $119.59! [Added Dec. 2010]

UPDATES: 7 February 2007 and 2 May 2007:

Most greedy book peddlers' offers of this book have either mysteriously disappeared from the sites mentioned on this page or their prices were drastically lowered. Did they find suckers? Or were they shamed into lowering their outrageous prices by my exposing their greed? Yet there are still some stubborn holdouts, such as Lew Dabe (Ormond Beach, FL), Fokas Holthuis / Paulbooks (NL), and Gallery Bookstore Ltd. (Chicago, IL); see below.

One now deleted former vulture sent me e-mail, in which he laments that I'm maligning others (i.e., greedy book peddlers), causing suffering, and engaging in reputation-smearing on this "Vultures" page. I don't agree; I'm merely presenting information that is readily available on the
WWW. If some vultures' reputation is being smeared, it's their own fault for being incredibly greedy and they are smearing themselves. It's also not my intention to damage anyone's business; the greedy ones are doing it to themselves.

  • Gallery Bookstore Ltd. (Chicago, IL): $75.00
  • Plante's Books (California): $62.50
  • Avol's Bookstore (Madison, WI): Was $50.00. Now $7.50.

Avol's reduced their price to $7.50 after they saw this Webpage and contacted me. Their interesting Book Description: "1977. Trade Paperback. As Is. Edition Unknown. Tape over spine, light edge wear to cover, library barcode on rear panel, ex-library marks on endpapers, marker stripe on bottom edge of pages, text clean." Hmmm....

When I first complained in January 2005, I received a snotty reply from one of Avol's employees who babbled about their outfit "being a market-driven enterprise" and adding, "someone must have shown the poor relinquish your extremely desirable book to our covetous claws, you ought to pride yourself on having created an oeuvre that is so highly prized as to be worth many times...its original cover price."

After this "Vultures" page was put on the Web on June 5, 2006, Avol's informed me that they had lowered their price from $50.00 to $7.50, together with the message, "Please also note that when books go out of print, the price of a book depends upon fair market value. The price of any commodity depends entirely upon supply and demand. When supply is nil, and demand is high, price goes up."

That's all irrelevant, because I told them over a year ago that some 500 brand-new copies of this book are still available from me (the publisher), at $7.50, thus blaming lacking supply for their greedy price of $50.00 is baloney. Offering a cruddy used copy (that may have been stolen from a library) for $50.00 when hundreds of new, flawless copies are still available for $7.50 is inexcusable.

3 November 2006
Mr. Ron Czerwien is not a biblioklept!

Below is an e-mail from Mr. Ron Czerwien (owner of Avol's Bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin) and my reply. His words (RCz) are in black, mine in blue.

Dear Mr. Czerwien:

After you sent me your irrational e-mail on Oct. 20, 2006, I sent you two polite e-mails asking for the name of the library that used to own the copy of Read's Graffiti now offered by your company. You have refused to do so, for whatever reason. Thus I'll try again in this public forum.

RCz wrote: Please remove your libelous remark implying that I steal books from libraries.

As mentioned in my previous reply to your mail, you need a remedial class in reading comprehension, sir. If you re-read my text above (from which salient phrases are repeated below in red), you'll have to agree that I have in no way stated or implied that you personally (or any of your employees) stole this book or steals books from libraries. From your own description of that book:

"...library barcode on rear panel, ex-library marks on endpapers...." Hmmm....

My "Hmmm...." indicates, of course, that I'm wondering whether that book was perhaps stolen from a library (by a library patron, student, library staff, or a faculty member) and then sold to your store. Likewise, my

"Offering a cruddy used copy (that may have been stolen from a library)"

expresses the same doubt whether it may have been stolen from a library. Note my carefully worded "may have been stolen," as I don't know the facts.

As you, most booksellers, some lay folks, and I know, most libraries dump or sell hundreds or thousands of volumes from their holdings every year to make room on their stacks for new books. Thus, a book bearing a library barcode, library marks, and/or a library's name was not necessarily stolen but could have been sold or disposed of legally by the library.

I can't understand that a library staff member would be so ignorant or prudish to dump or sell this pioneering and famous book (but there are stupid people in every profession!), thus I harbor the reasonable suspicion that it was stolen from a library. Not by you, Mr. Czerwien, nor by any of your employees, but by someone else. Is this clear enough for you to understand that you personally are absolved and that nobody in his or her right mind considers you a biblioklept?

Maledicta Press books get stolen all the time from libraries; I know this from university librarians who have told me about this fact and who have informed me that they now are putting our books on microfilm, microfiche or lock them up in their Rare Book Rooms.

I'm very curious which library owned your used copy of Read's Graffiti, yet you don't have the courage and civility to inform me but instead irrationally accuse me of libeling you. Does that library marking by any chance say "University of Wisconsin Memorial Library"? I know they had (or still have) a copy.

RCz: You do not know me personally nor do you know anything about my store.

On the contrary, Mr. Czerwien. I met you some 20 years ago when you still ran your bookstore on Gilman Street (before you moved on March 1, 2004, to your present location at 315 W. Gorham Street) in Madison. You see, I had a hot young chick (a graduate student in Madison) and often was in your city and stopped in your store on Gilman Street looking for foreign-language dictionaries. At that time you still had a full head of hair (heh-heh); now you look like this. Plus, anyone familiar with Google can find out enough about you and your two stores.

RCz: Your statement was based on the assumption that since we were offering an ex-library book for sale, that we must be thieves

See my comments above to show that your claim is completely ridiculous (and perhaps even libelous).

RCz: and the book must be stolen.

Which is indeed a possibility; but even if it were so, it certainly wasn't you personally who swiped that book from a library.

RCz: You have no proof to make such an accusation.

I made no such accusation, for Christ's sake; I merely raised the possibility ("Hmmm....") that it may have been stolen from a library.

RCz: I'm sorry you were unhappy about the fact that we overpriced a book you publish which was mistakenly thought by us to be out-of-print.

Tsk, tsk. As a long-time bookseller, you are no doubt familiar with Books In Print. A look in that standard booksellers' and librarians' reference work would have shown you or your employee(s) that it was then, and still is, in print.

RCz: That situation has been rectified.

Correct. And as soon as one of your employees told me about your price change, I immediately updated my Website to show your new price of $7.50 (formerly $50.00). See above.

RCz: Whether or not you like our subsequent price is of little interest to me and you may complain about it to your hearts content.

Why should I complain about your trying to sell a somewhat beat-up copy of that book for a mere $7.50 (which your store probably bought for a dollar or so)? Even totally honest, non-thieving used-book dealers like you have to make a living and pay the rent.

RCz: However, I will take action against anyone who makes libelous statements about me.

As you should, my good man. Sue those libelous bastards and pour more of your hard-earned bucks into a lawyer's deep pockets. But better first check up on the legal definition of "libel" and find concrete evidence of such alleged libel before paying your legal eagle the customary $2,000+ retainer fee.

RCz: A copy of this email has been forwarded to my attorney.

Uh-oh. Bad move, Mr. Czerwien. Vaguely threatening me with lawyers is bad enough, but frivolously siccing a Wisconsin shyster on me would be unforgivable. The Legal Mafia of Wisconsin has fucked me over mercilessly & gloatingly and has destroyed my life & my publishing business; consequently, I despise such Wisconsin legal scumbags as any decent person would despise syphilitic five-dollar street whores. (Legal disclaimer: This is, of course, no reflection on your own lawyer, who no doubt is a fine attorney in good standing and blessed with the highest standards of ethics and morals.)

Ron Czerwien
Avol's Bookstore

P.S. So, what is the name of the library shown in your used copy of Read's Graffiti?

Yours in books,

Reinhold Aman
Ph.D. & Ex-Con

No reply from Mr. Czerwien, of course.

~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Avol Update ~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Better World Books (Mishawaka, IN), who claim "social responsibility put Better World Books above the rest." Yeah, right: $54.62
  • Clemowbooks (Ottawa, Canada), using the name "femmefan1946": $49.99. This listing has disappeared from Found a sucker?
  • a-n-b books (Alabama): $48.33 [note the 33 cents]. [Added Aug. 3, 2006]
  • Elsie's Antiques (Elmhurst, IL): $39.79
  • Lew Dabe (Ormond Beach, FL): $35.00
  • Antiquariaat Fokas Holthuis / Paulbooks (2 copies) (Den Haag, Netherlands): $33.26. With a set of 4 Maledicta Insult cards (our price: 50 cents). I'm certainly glad that I sold these books and more to Paul Snijders at a bookseller's discount, so that he could offer them at a reasonable price.... No more books for Fuck-Us Holthuis & Snijders! Price reduced to $32.58.

How Do They Do It? (our price: $3.00):

  • Any Amount of Books ABA (Nigel Burwood; London, U.K.): $58.15 <--- fuckin' crazy bastard!
  • Aaron Brown (Corpus Christi, TX): $30.47
  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $24.34
  • Fokas Holthuis (Netherlands): 14 Euro = ca. $22.

Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal (our price: $5.00)

  • internationalbooks (MD, USA): $149.60! Insane! [Added June 30, 2008]
  • "More Books" (Florida, USA): $105.08 [Added Dec. 2010]

Maledicta I / 1 (our price: $8.00 -- now out of print):

  • Persephone's Books (Gastonia, NC): $50.00
  • Book Happy Booksellers (Portland, OR): $38.50
  • Clemowbooks (Ottawa, Canada), using the name "femmefan1946": $29.99

Maledicta 3 (our price: $14.95 -- now out of print):):

  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $78.56 [Added Aug. 3, 2006]
  • Magicbooks (Saint-Péran, France): $36.87 [Added Aug. 3, 2006]

Maledicta 5 (our price: $7.00):

  • joes_garage (Ohio): $44.44 [Added Oct. 2, 2006]
  • Dawn Treader Bookshop (Ann Arbor, MI): $39.50
  • Fokas Holthuis (Netherlands): 30 Euro = ca. $37.50
  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $35.13

Maledicta 6 (our price: $5.00):

  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $30.28 [Added Aug. 3, 2006]

Maledicta 7 (our price: $5.00):

  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $34.33 [Added Aug. 3, 2006]

Maledicta 9 (our price: $5.00)

  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $31.65 [Added Aug. 3, 2006]

Maledicta 10 (our price: $5.00):

  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $31.58

Maledicta 11 (our price: $5.00):

  • Jimmy LaRue (Los Angeles, CA): $25.01 [Added Aug. 3, 2006]
  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $24.94 (note the 94 cents)

Maledicta 12 (our price: $5.00):

  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $26.76

Maledicta Monitor (our price: $3.00):

  • Fokas Holthuis / Paulbooks (Netherlands): $26.61

Bayrisch-Österreichisches Schimpfwörterbuch (our price: $24.00):

  • Dipl.biol. Remigius Geiser (Salzburg, Austria) is peddling a copy of my Schimpfwörterbuch (original 1973 edition) for $50.86. Price increased to $52.13. He is also trying to peddle a cheapo 1986 Goldmann paperback edition (originally DM 8,80 = ca. $4.35) for $26.07 -- even though the larger, much better-looking 2005 edition by Allitera Verlag costs less.

Maledicta, vols. 1-11:

  • Zubal Books (Cleveland, OH): $235.66 [note the 66 cents]. From their description: "ex library." Hmmm.... [Added Aug. 3, 2006]

Maledicta, vols. 1-10 :

  • John Benjamins Antiquariat (Amsterdam, Netherlands) is trying to rip off some fool willing to pay $458.42! That's disgraceful for a reputable publisher! Raised price as of August 3, 2006 to $474.70! At the current exchange rate(June 2008), that's about $700!

Other New Information
Gershon Legman's Books

17 July 2006

My publications are, of course, not the only ones offered at outrageous prices by shameless scumbags. The books by my late friend Gershon Legman are also peddled by the vultures at preposterously greedy prices. Below is a small sample of used-book-peddling scum who should be strung up by their balls. (Note to Shysters: "should be strung up by their balls" is not a "threat" but "hyperbole," which is not actionable. So shove your harassing lawsuits up your amici curiae.)

No Laughing Matter (First Series): An Analysis of Sexual Humor.

  • Livrenoir (Brooklyn, NY): $223.31 [note the 31 cents]. This 811-page volume is now available as a large paperback by Simon & Schuster (2006) for $20.00
  • Experienced Books, LLC (Colton, CA): $95.00 [Another "Ex-library book with typical library markings and attachments." Hmmm....]
  • The Book Center (Oakdale, CA): $95.00

No Laughing Matter (Second Series): Rationale of the Dirty Joke. [Original price: $18.00]

  • Riley Brown (Corpus Christi, TX): $288.32 [note the 32 cents].
  • Pawprint Books (Oradell, NJ): $125.00

Oragenitalism. An Encyclopaedic Outline of Oral Technique in Genital Excitation. Part I: Cunnilinctus. Legman, G. (Roger-Maxe de la Glannège). Bookseller: (London, England): US$8,511.44 [No typo: 8,511 dollars and exactly 44 cents.]

Oragenitalism: Oral Techniques in Genital Excitation.

  • (London, England): US$66.27
  • Other editions offered by other vultures at $30.32 to $56.81.

I am absolutely and totally disgusted with these shameless motherfuckers. Note how many of these bloodsuckers try to fool their prospective buyers with their "precisely calculated" prices, right down to 1 cent or 22 cents, to give the impression that their prices are fair.

Fuck 'em all!

Mail from a Moron
8 September 2006

Steve Ball, a self-declared price-gouging book peddler and owner of Book Nook of Orange County, saw this "shit list" of greedy vultures and bragged that he screwed an unsuspecting customer by selling him our $7.50 Classic American Graffiti for $50. He asked me to be added to the list of vultures, and I obliged. See his e-mail to me and my reply here.

12 September 2006 -- Update to Mail from a Moron

My e-mail replies are, as usual, in
blue language.

Greetings, friends & foes:

It's time for an analysis of this matter and to kick that wombat-brain, lower-case "maggieb," in her fat & stupid ass, n'est-ce pas, mes amis?

1. Steve Ball somehow found my "Greedy Book-Peddling Vultures!" page:

and sent me an e-mail about it, cc'ing a copy to this Bookfinder list.

2. Because Steve's reaction to my above Web page amused me, I replied to him at length via e-mail. I tried to post a copy on this list but was not allowed to, as I was not a subscriber. Thus the only person who saw my e-mail to Steve was Steve Testicle.

3. Busybody "maggieb" decided to stick her stupid face into Steve's and my business, posting her nasty message to this list:

Well golly Steve, I do believe you upset this little lunatic. Be careful (seriously) did you read why he was in Fed pen? Vicious little buggar.

4. As I don't care for cowardly, anonymous snipers badmouthing me behind my back, I sent to l-c "maggieb" an e-mail, with a copy to Stevie (who started it all), mainly to amuse him. I did not post it here on this list.

5. Because "maggieb" obviously is an ignorant cunt, I described her as such. And since she's an illiterate moronette, I called her "illiterate." To wit:

  • "Well golly Steve" needs a comma between "golly" and "Steve." Commas are obligatory before an "address" (name of person/s).

  • "Be careful (seriously) did you read...." is an illiterate run-on sentence (also called "comma splice"). There must be a semicolon or period after "(seriously)" to break up these two independent clauses. Of course, moronette "maggieb" wouldn't recognize a run-on sentence if it bit her on her cellulite-laden ass.

  • "why he was in Fed pen?" is missing a required definite article and is low colloquial lingo.

  • "buggar" is misspelled. Twitty twat "maggieb" also is most likely unaware that "bugger" is a vulgar term meaning "sodomite."

  • I'll give her a C+ for her alliterative "little lunatic." Whether I'm "little" and a "lunatic" is irrelevant and could be demonstrated easily to be false and libelous; but why should I, blessed with an IQ of 157, shame that insecure room-temperature-IQ twit?

6. Even though that silly & dizzy broad is worrying about this "dangerous" ex-con Dr. Aman ripping her saggy tits off or whatever else she is fantasizing about, in addition to calling me a "lunatic" and "buggar" [sic], and despite my warning to watch her mouth, that paramecium-brain "maggieb" keeps calling me a "maggot," a "gutter mouth," and a "nutjob" -- the last term of abuse swiped from that other busybodying cunt, Lisa Martin.

Thus I'll have to ask her: "maggieb," you stupid slut, what don't you understand about "Watch your mouth"?

Oh, and for your peace of mind and to prevent you from running to the cops & Feds, as two other idiot women in Santa Monica and Oakland did years ago in their attempts to get me back in the slammer for allegedly "threatening" and "stalking" them (but who were just laughed at by the Powers): Try to get this into your rudimentary brainlet, twit: I don't know who you are and where you live, and I don't give a rat's rectum about it or real-life Maggie B., understand? I'm just having fun ridiculing and patronizing that electronic, cyber-maggieb and other sassy-mouthed sluts. (Hi, Lisa!)

Now to her reply to Karen E., the brightest and most pleasant woman so far participating in this tempest-in-a-teacup. Note that Frau Dorkmeister "maggieb" is too ignorant to quote properly, to format her posts properly, and to snip properly. Vulgar people would thus correctly call her a "sloppy slut." To be able to tell who wrote what, I'm indicating Karen E.'s text with ">>>" and bird-brained "maggieb"'s with ">>". I've also cleaned up her sloppy text by deleting all superfluous "<" marks.

[BI] FW: Sniping bitch!
maggieb at posted in <>:
Mon Sep 11 20:23:31 PDT 2006

-----Original Message-----
From: Karen E. [mailto:xxx at xxx]
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2006 5:24 PM
To: maggieb
Subject: RE: [BI] FW: Sniping bitch!

>>> Maggie,

Something's missing here, because amoeba-brain "maggieb" snipped part of what Ms. E. wrote to her.

>>> sent that message directly to you, and cc'd Steve Ball. Correct me if I'm wrong; he did not send it to the Insider list.

>> No not directly to, he bounced it thru the list.

"maggieb" is lying. Ms. E. is correct: I e-mailed "maggieb" and sent a copy to Steve; I did not send that e-mail to this list.

>>> I doubt they'd do that for someone who sends private email replies that happen to be abusive.

Something else is missing here, because amoeba-brain "maggieb" snipped whatever Ms. E. wrote. Thus we don't know who "they" are and what they'd do. Good show, twit!

>> Who's reply was abusive?

"Whose," twit! Ms. E. obviously meant mine, you cretinette! Jesus!

>> I did not mention the man's name,

Oy! One would have to be even more moronic than "maggieb" -- if that were possible -- not to understand that she meant me, the "maggot"; to wit:

> Maggie wrote:
> Does this indicate that this maggot is on this list?

>> nor did I reply to his nasty little email. Apparently he assumed that he was the maggot. I have no control over what he assumes.

Nice try. My bullshit-detector is still blaring. "maggieb," "maggieb," "maggieb," you're not dealing with "maggieb"-type retards here. We can see right through your lame attempt to weasel out. Trust me.

>>> The post I sent to you in reply was not private; it was to the entire list. I don't see what you're saying.

>> It seems to me that you are perpetuating the exact thing you are complaining of me doing. Hmmm

Comma or ellipsis, you illiterate slut!

>> does that make you an accessory after the fact? Looking up at the header of this message shows it being sent to me,

Exactly, thus "maggieb"'s lie ("he bounced it thru the list") is more caca de toro.

>> personally, and if it was meant for only me, you really must instruct me as to which of yours I can post, and which not.

The best defense is offense and bullshit, right, twit?

>> The continuity of the thread gets very confusing for those who enjoy/are amused by reading them.

Illogical & illiterate crap. First, it gets confusing because of "maggieb"'s confusing & sloppy quoting; second, it's confusing for everyone, regardless of whether or not s/he enjoys it or is amused by it. Furthermore, what's the antecedent of "them"? "Continuity of the thread" is singular, you illiterate nitwit, and thus requires a singular relative pronoun ("it").

>>> I think you may not have spent much time on email lists. Anybody on them has access to your email address & can reply to you off-list in whatever way they decide to. And to be perfectly honest, getting off-list replies that use dirty language and/or are insulting is not so unusual when what you posted yourself was combative.

Good woman! See, "maggieb," that's the kind of logic, language, and clear thinking that impresses me. Ms. E. is my kind of woman: smart, logical, literate.

[Aside to Karen: I think I'm falling in love with you. Wanna meet at Motel 6?]

>> Amazingly enough, I have been selling online, making a living from it and supporting family and myself since 1998.

First off, nobody cares. Second, during those past seven-odd years, you haven't even learned the elementary rules of how to quote, how to format, and how to snip. Why? Because you're an ignorant & illiterate slut.

>> Over the years, I have been involved with many lists, however, only 2 that are primarily booksellers.

A semicolon is obligatory after "many lists."

>> Funny, in 8 years the only lists that included nasty people, who have no sense of humor

No comma after "people"; comma recommended after "8 years"; numerals up to ten should be spelled out.

>> and who insist on trying to tell others how to behave, talk, write, sell etc. are the latter two.

Commas after "sell" and "etc." Also, "latter" is not quite kosher here, because it -- strictly speaking -- refers to the second of two things or persons mentioned.

>> Thank heavens there are actually a number of folk who communicate offline, and help to keep me sane.. well.somewhat sane..

*Cough, cough*. Are you implying that you are the lunatic in this affair? In addition, an ellipsis consists of three periods (...).

>> I'm not sure just what you are considering as me being combative, perhaps you enlighten me.

Christ Almighty, woman! Do your abusive terms "lunatic," "buggar" [sic], "maggot," "gutter mouth," and "nutjob" hurled at me ring a bell in your empty cranium? Lemme help you: "combative" means aggressive, quarrelsome, polemical, argumentative, contentious, disputatious, litigious, scrappy, hostile, belligerent, truculent, bellicose, pugnacious; it's from Old French combattre, ex Latin com ("with") and battuere ("to beat"). Get it now, twit?

>>> It's really best to just leave people you think are nutjobs alone altogether. Otherwise you escalate the situation and shouldn't be surprised if they freak out on you.

>> No surprise here! I mean gee whiz he even attacks Hillary Clinton,

What the hell does this have to do with you, "maggieb"? Also, commas needed after "I mean" and "gee whiz."

>> well maybe he is not all that bad!!

[Grudging, surreptitious smile]

>> Thanks so much for the advice though.

Comma needed before "though."

>> Perhaps you didn't notice that I did not actually contact the nutjob, he is apparently

Watch your mouth, combative cunt!

Damn, yet another run-on sentence. Semicolon or period needed after "nutjob," you illiterate slut.

>> lurking around reading about himself, which is no doubt increasing his self importance and self esteem,

"Self-importance" and "self-esteem" have to be hyphenated, you illiterate twit. More importantly, being an insecure female of no significance, you are engaging in what shrinks call "projection." A secure, important & esteemed maggot like me is not concerned about his self-importance & self-esteem and thus has no need to increase them.

>> while once more some of the listers are doing the same.

>> Have a nice night


>> maggie

[Snipped more ill-formatted crap from the twit.]

>> Get a grip..this guy is dangerous, and you are admonishing me re manners?

Yeah, white woman, dat doc sho' be dangerous. Doan' y'all be dissin dat man! He baaad. He a baaad mutha!

Sweet dreams,

Reinhold Aman, Ph.D.
Ex-Prof & Ex-Con
Editor & Publisher
P.O. Box 14123
Santa Rosa, CA 95402, USA

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