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1 January 2008

  • A new year is beginning, but no good news.

1 March 2008
  • Still no good news. Everyone is blogging and posting and browsing and click-click-clicking, but nobody is buying a book.... Every day my website gets 400-800 visitors from all over the States and the world, but not one of those bleedin' parasites is spending a dime.

  • The greediest bloodsucker of used-book peddlers known to me is "annabananasearch" (D.C., USA), who offers a used copy of Classic American Graffiti (my price: $7.50) for $158.50! Mind-boggling. Another -- even worse -- swine found July 2 asks for $193.72!

  • I've just discovered another insane super-swine: My Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal (list price $9.95, which I sell for $6.00) is offered by "internationalbooks" (MD, USA) for $149.60! And another scumbag wants $187.29 for it! Another insane English outfit wants $242.36 for Maledicta 5!

8 April 2008
  • Today I turned 72 and am obviously still alive. Friends and acquaintances who haven't heard from me in a long time, please send me an e-mail ("What's happening?"), and I'll e-mail you a short report about what's going on. Here is my e-mail.

12 May 2008
  • Today, one day after Mother's Day, the U.S. Postmaster and his bunch of mothers not only raised postage again but found additional ways to make life difficult for us who have to use the mails to ship books and other goods.

    Now the postal bastards have different rates depending on the thickness of the shipping carton and whether it's soft or "rigid"! Rigid ones cost more, thus the sturdy, rigid shipping cartons I use to protect the books from being mangled by the postal machineries will increase the postage.

    May the dick of that sumbitch who came up with the soft-versus-rigid cartons never again become rigid but remain as soft as an overcooked noodle!

    Chelsea's T-shirt

11 December 2008
  • Unfortunately, as of today, credit-card payments (VISA + MasterCard) can no longer be accepted. In addition to their usual deductions and monthly "maintenance fee," that company now wants a huge annual "administration fee" which -- considering my low prices -- I simply can't afford. So, fuck 'em.

  • No good news. Maledicta is dead, killed by the Internet. And I ain't doin' too well either.

    Maledicta lives forever!

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