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1 January 2007

  • During the month of December 2006, there were 21,801 surfers who visited this site and looked at 81,069 pages. Only one (one!) of them bought one of our wonderful books.... Oy, gevalt! -- Total visitors for 2006: 434,255.

  • Therefore, have I got a New Year's resolution for you: Buy Maledicta Press books!

  • Maledicta and my other books are found in the finest libraries worldwide (see most of them here). Rare-book dealers peddle used copies for outrageous prices (see here). Today I have reduced the price of most books again, not only to avoid having to transport all those heavy boxes next time I have to move and to raise funds to publish the final volume of Maledicta, but also to make them available to the poorest lovers of such unique books and to penny-pinching professors who ought to have these works in their personal library.

  • The year 2006 sucked. Let's hope that 2007 will be better for all of us. This year (or 2009?) may be the last one in which Maledicta will be published. Maledicta 14 will be the final volume of this series of books, because our unique and high-quality publication was killed off mainly by the Internet and by professors who are either too tightfisted to spend a few bucks, are still ignorant of the existence of Maledicta, or are obsessively posting their trivia to newsgroups, lists and forums read by other obsessed twits, instead of learning from and enjoying our books. Oy!

  • My excellent ISP, Sonic.net, uses "Webalizer" to let me know who visits my Web site, which pages are looked at, from which countries the visitors are, what search strings are used to get to this site, and much more. Below are links to three pages listing this information for the month of December 2006:

    (1) Pages Viewed -- (2) Countries -- (3) Search Strings

29 January 2007
  • Phil Kloer of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution interviewed me about the recent brouhaha and usual media circus about the slurs nigger and faggot. His article is archived here.

23 February 2007

11 June 2007
  • On May 14, postage went way up again. Postage for shipments abroad weighing more than 4 lbs shot up from $11.00 to $31.35 and more! There is no more shipmail abroad, only airmail. Bastards! See approximate shipping charges on the Order Form.

  • I have recently finished a long article on mistranslations into 16 languages of Don Imus's "Nappy-headed Hos." Sorry, as of today, June 11, 2007, this article is available only to friends or to buyers of Maledicta Press books. Some jerk added the URL to the "StumbleUpon" site, and I'm therefore flooded with thousands of hits from those typical freeloading parasites who are driving up my monthly ISP bill but never buy a book. My friends and clients who wish to read that article can send me an e-mail, and I'll mail them a copy.

10 September 2007
  • You may have noticed that I haven't updated my "Links" page in years. I'm simply tired of providing free information to all those freeloaders and parasites who benefit from my work but never buy one damn book. Many of us are working our asses off, and those freeloaders don't even thank us fools for our work but download our research and then click-click-click to the next good-hearted fool's site.

There are, however, two sites I'm adding now to the "Links" page (the last two entries at the bottom of that page), mainly for the benefit of Maledicta readers and to honor my colleagues who also selflessly share their labor of love. Both sites have earned the "Maledicta Seal of Approval." For details and critiques see the "Links" page for an excellent maledicta bibliography by Professor Dominique Lagorgette (Université de Savoie at Chambéry) and the ten terrific bilingual slang and maledicta glossaries by Charles Boutler.

  • As long as I'm in a high-blood-pressure mood, I might as well castigate more incredibly greedy book dealers and one publisher:

Google Alerts informed me that Irene Hena in Michigan is offering a used copy of Maledicta 5 (1981) -- my price for a brand-new copy is $7.95 -- for $136.96 + $3.99 shipping.

I have not bothered to find out the names of the book peddlers below, but here are more incredibly greedy swine:

Maledicta I (issues 1 and 2, 1978) is offered by:

-- an American book peddler: $63.98
-- a German book peddler: $168.32
-- a Canadian book peddler: $169.00
-- a French book peddler: $174.13
-- an American book peddler: $179.31
-- an American book peddler: $192.94
-- a British book peddler: $225.95
-- a British book peddler: $225.97

Plus shipping.

Can you believe the shamelessness, greed, and disgusting brazenness of these cocksuckin' motherfuckers who most likely bought their used copies of Maledicta for 25 cents or a dollar from some widow or an estate sale and now try to find a sucker to rip off for up to $225.97?

  • In "Greedy Book-Peddling Vultures!" I've earlier listed another greedy Dutch publisher (John Benjamins Antiquariat, Amsterdam), but here is another super-greedy one (Springer Netherlands) who has the incredible gall to charge $25.00 for eight (8) pages from a book downloadable as an electronic file (.pdf). The article, pages 57-64, is "Psycholinguistic Approaches to Ritual Labia Minora Elongation Among the Baganda Women of Uganda." Whoever that person at Greedy Springer Publishers is who sets such outrageous prices should have her labia minora or his scrotum elongated with a 10-pound ball of Gouda hooked into their genitals!

  • Not even one of the 34,000-plus readers of my anti-Clinton Webpage has bought Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal: A Guide to Life and Lingo in Federal Prison. Cheap bastards!

  • To make ordering books from Maledicta Press even easier, I have added a new page with instructions. See "Ordering by E-mail."

Yeah, like this will cause just one freeloader, parasite, cheap-ass professor of English, Linguistics, Psychology or Sociology, or so-called Humor Scholar to spend a few bucks and buy a book or two, instead of obsessive-compulsively sitting in front of their goddamn computers 24/7 and frantically posting their ephemeral tripe to equally obsessive-compulsive assholes in newsgroups, forums, language and linguistics lists, logs & blogs, or hopping from URL to URL.... Fuck 'em all.

25 September 2007
  • On September 14 and 16, 2007, the Danish journalist Jens Rebensdorff published three articles about Maledicta and me in Berlingske Tidende (Copenhagen): "Fuck dig, idiot!", "Skældsordshistorie - i korte træk" and "Skældsord fra hele Kloden." More details at the top of "News - Reviews - Interviews."

  • I have listed all articles, interviews, and reviews in Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish I know of on this new page.

31 December 2007
  • I might as well end this rotten year 2007 with one more bitching and warning. Avoid rare-book / used-book dealers in England, Germany, and The Netherlands who peddle used Maledicta Press publications: Many of them are the absolutely greediest and most shameless rip-off scum of this trade, several rungs lower than the slimiest used-car dealers!