Maledicta Journal

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ISSN US 0363-3659

  • You have to see it to believe it: there is no other publication like it in the world.

  • Maledicta discusses language honestly: no dashes, no asterisks, no moralistic pussyfooting. Our motto: "They say it -- we print it."

  • Therefore, not for prudish, narrow-minded, "sensitive" or "politically correct" folks.

  • Maledicta is a series of 160-352-page books enjoyed by intelligent readers in at least 78 countries.

  • Neither boringly cacademic nor vulgar, Maledicta provides information and entertainment by its unique mixture of scholarly and popular, serious and witty, long and short, important and ephemeral essays and glossaries about "bad" words in English and many other languages.

  • Maledicta features wicked wordplays and ribald riddles told from coast to coast and throughout the world.

  • Now in its 30th year, Maledicta is as sassy and witty as ever.

  • Quality typeset and printed. Sewn in soft covers. More than 100,000 copies in print.

  • Maledicta specializes in offensive and negatively valued words and expressions from all languages and cultures, past and present. Its main areas of interest are the origin, etymology, meaning, use, and influence of verbal aggression and verbal abuse of any kind, as well as language usually considered vulgar, obscene, or blasphemous.

  • Topics cover most academic fields, especially anthropology, folklore, languages, lexicography, linguistics, philology, psychology, and sociology. Contents are limited to the following subjects:

Verbal Aggression
Verbal Abuse
Terms of Abuse
Taboo Language
Boasts and Tall Talk
Terms of Endearment
Pet Names
Jargon of Subcultures
Libel and Slander
Names of:
  Ethnic Groups
  Age and Sex Groups
Terminology of:
  Body Parts
Satire and Sarcasm
Physical Aggression
Murder and Suicide

  • The International Maledicta Society, founded in 1976, unites some 6,000 scholars and others interested in this ubiquitous phenomenon of human speech. Our open-minded and elite members and readers are from all walks of life: professors of anthropology, English, folklore, languages, linguistics, philology, psychology, and sociology; attorneys, judges, physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, clergy, editors, writers, embassy staff, librarians, and others interested in all words.

  • The International Maledicta Archive serves as the only information source worldwide for maledicta-related research accomplished or in progress. The Archive, begun in 1965, contains some 3,000 books, 18,000 pages of published research, and 6,000 bibliographical file cards of maledicta-related material from some 220 languages and dialects from the past 5,000 years.

  • Libraries: Many major university, college and large public libraries, research libraries, foreign national libraries, academic departments, and government agencies subscribe to Maledicta.

  • Maledicta's Editor and Publisher, Reinhold Aman (Ph.D., University of Texas, 1968, in Medieval Literatures and Linguistics), speaks six languages and dabbles in dozens of others. He taught at the Universities of Texas and Wisconsin until 1974 before leaving Cacademia in disgust.

Miscellaneous Information

  • All communications, including address changes, orders, and books for short annotation, should be sent to the Editor.

  • Maledicta does not accept advertising.

  • The Editor cannot accept any further manuscripts.

  • Selected articles of Maledicta are abstracted in Sociological Abstracts and contents are listed in the MLA International Bibliography, Periodicals Contents Index (PCI), and other international bibliographies.