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Such an Honor - Quel Honneur

Uncle Mal is pleased to announce that Maledicta, Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal and Maledicta Monitor were exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario (Musée des Beaux-Arts) in Toronto, February 28 through May 25, 1997. The book covers and newsletter featuring Munch's "The Scream" (1895) are examples of its use in popular culture and relate to the exhibit of "The Symbolist Prints of Edvard Munch."

Such an Honor - Wat een Eer

Ewoud Sanders and Rob Tempelaars recently published their wonderful Krijg de vinkentering! 1001 Nederlandse en Vlaamse verwensingen, dedicated to "Reinhold Aman, koning van de vloek in het land der puriteinen" (King of the Curse in the Land of the Puritans). Published in late 1998 by Uitgeverij Contact in Amsterdam and Antwerp, the first 4,000 copies sold out in two weeks. It has a foreword by famous Gerrit Komrij, an excellent introduction, and then lists some 1,300 annotated Dutch and Flemish curses wishing sickness, death, and other harm and calamities on one's adversaries. A good bibliography and a complete index round out this Dutch best seller. Click here for extensive excerpts.

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Reviews of Maledicta Press Publications (1996 -- 2017)

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  • On 30 Jan 2017 in El Español (Madrid), Javier Yanes published a long article about insults in various countries, quoting examples and other information supplied by me. [One correction: it's not about the Norwegians (los noruegos) but the Finns.]

  • On 18 July 2013 in Zeit-Magazin, Harald Martenstein's column "Über Geizhälse, Warmduscher und die Ungerechtigkeit von Schimpfwörtern" mentions Maledicta and me.

  • On 2 June 2013, Stefano Lorenzetto interviewed Vito Tartamella, Italy's most famous maledicta researcher. Vito had good words for me in that excellent interview: "Il giornalista scientifico che scrive solo parolacce." (il Giornale), Milano.

  • In January 2012, Ann Kugler wrote the article "Himmelherrgottsakrament!" for the Swiss Drogistenstern 1-2/12 (pp. 44-45).

  • On 9 December 2011, Max Fellmann published a long interview in Munich's SZ-Magazin: »Kruzifix Sakrament Hallelujah!« Warum fluchen wir? Wie fluchen wir? Und wer flucht am lustigsten? Ein Gespräch mit dem Schimpfwortforscher Reinhold Aman. It is archived here, and the original is here.

  • Fabian Dietrich: "Ich furz dir in den Bart.Auch ein schöner Beruf: Schimpfwortforscher." Fluter Magazin, Juni 2011.

  • On 6 January 2010, Sven Broder, editor of Der Schweizerische Beobachter (Zürich), published a good article based on my contributions about insults in Switzerland and elsewhere. His article (pp. 20-21) "Malediktologie: Fluchen, aber bitte richtig" is archived here, and the original is here.

  • On 12 March 2009, Nina Shen Rastogi wrote an article for about "motherfucker" and related terms in various cultures: "Global Motherf*ckers. Does every culture use the suggestion of maternal incest as an insult?" Her article is archived here, and the original (with readers' comments) is here. The French translation «Nique ta mère» sous toutes les latitudes is here.

  • On 5 January 2009, Joe Eskenazi of the SF Weekly (San Francisco) interviewed me about the currently popular term of abuse "douchebag." His article, "How 'douchebag' became everyone's favorite insult," is archived here, and the original is here.

  • On 4 November 2008, Dieter Voss of the Hessischer Rundfunk ("Welle hr4") interviewed me about the usual (insults and swearing): "Schimpfen ist gesund und wird sogar wissenschaftlich untersucht in der Malediktologie."

  • On September 14 and 16, 2007, the Danish journalist Jens Rebensdorff published three articles about Maledicta, maledicta, and me in Berlingske Tidende (Copenhagen):

(1) "Fuck dig, idiot!" This is a long article about my work, life and legal troubles. The original article is here:
and is archived on this site here.

(2) "Skældsordshistorie - i korte træk" is a short survey of maledicta throughout history. The original article is here:
and is archived here.

(3) "Skældsord fra hele Kloden" lists insults from around the world, the USA, and Yiddish. The original article is here:
and is archived here.

  • Phil Kloer interviewed me about the recent brouhaha about "nigger" and "faggot." His article "Washington Incident Raises Debate on Power of Slurs" in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was published around 24 January 2007 and republished on 28 Jan. 2007 in The Austin American-Statesman (Austin, Texas) and elsewhere. The latter article is here and archived here.

  • On 14 November 2006, Eva Engels published her German-language article "Motherfucker, Djävels und Evolutionsbremsen: Die Welt der Malediktologen" in LEO: Lingua et Opinio (Studentische Zeitschrift zu Sprache und Kommunikation an der TU Chemnitz). The original article is here and archived here.

  • Vito Tartamella, the editor-in-chief of the Italian magazine Focus, in November 2006 (pp. 38-52) published a great article, "Il bello delle parolacce" (the beauty of bad words). Maledicta and yours truly are quoted, with photographs.

  • In September 2006, Vito Tartamella published his 378-page book, Parolacce: Perché le diciamo, che cosa significano, quali effetti hanno. (Bad words: why we say them, what they mean, and what effects they have). More info in the Bibliography. His interesting blog -- questions from his readers about any kind of maledicta and his detailed answers -- is here.

  • In July 2006, Ella Carina Werner published an intelligent article about curses in Balkan countries, with Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Serbian, and Roma (Gypsy) curses, with information supplied by me. This article appeared in the German publication Die Flause and is entitled "Dzafti kurafti!" (Roma) which means, roughly, "Eat the hairs growing around my asshole!" A revised version of this article appeared in the German satirical magazine Titanic in February 2007, pp. 54-55.

  • Ingeborg Bördlein composed her article "Schimpfen ist gesund" from various previously published material. It appeared in Die Welt of 25 October 2005. The original article is here and is archived on this site here.

  • James Warren, a first-rate journalist at The Chicago Tribune, on 24 October 2005 wrote an excellent report about Maledicta 13 and welcomed us back.

  • Liesbeth Koenen wrote a brief -- but as always positive -- review of Maledicta in the Dutch magazine Quest (Oct. 2005, p. 116), archived here. Then click on "U volgde een link naar dit artikel."

  • David Hawley's excellent review of Maledicta 13 in the St. Paul Pioneer Press (St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota) of 21 August 2005 was also distributed nationally on the Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Service wire and reprinted in The Contra Costa Times (Calif.), The Milwaukee Sun (Wisconsin), The Wichita Eagle (Kansas), and The Bradenton Herald (Florida) on or about 24 Aug. 2005. Mr. Hawley's review is archived here.

  • One of the most intelligent reviews of Maledicta I've seen appeared in The Orange County Weekly (Calif.) on 5 Aug. 2005. Unlike superficial journalists, the reviewer, perceptive Gustavo Arellano, recognizes the importance of Maledicta. His review is archived here.

  • "Tussen pestpokken en tyfuskankertering: Maledicta, jaarboek van internationale scheldwoorden, is weer uit" by Ed Schilders in the Dutch national daily de Volkskrant of 18 Aug. 2005 is a long and excellent essay about Maledicta and its editor's tribulations. It can be read at these two Dutch-language sites:

  • The Times Literary Supplement (London) of 29 July 2005 (p. 14) ran a good review of Maledicta 13, even though its anonymous writer didn't like my "Maledictorial" about cheap-ass American professors and other tightwads. My Letter to the Editor is archived here.

  • Harper's Magazine reprinted a lengthy selection from Ken Pontac's "'Please Delete the Following...' Censoring a Saturday Morning Cartoon Show" in Maledicta 13 in its October 2005 issue, pp. 23-25, under the heading "Drawing the Line."

  • Michael Booth interviewed me for his movie review of "The Aristocrats" in The Denver Post of 12 Aug. 2005 (distributed nationally; republished in The Arizona Republic of 17 Aug. 2005 and elsewhere.

  • Radio Bremen (Germany) ran a series of short features about verbal aggression in various cultures, e.g., "Verdammte Flucherei! Wie Europa schimpft," quoting R. Aman. Other German-language audio files at its site include 3-to-5-minute reports about insults and swearing in Italian, Russian, Polish, and Turkish.

  • Jeffrey Weiss, reporter for the "Religion" section of The Dallas Morning News, interviewed me about blasphemies. His article "What the *^&%$#@!" appeared on 7 Jan 2005. It can be read at that newspaper's Web site (registration required). The same article is currently still available at the Web site of The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) and is archived here.

  • On 13 Dec 2004, Tom Scocca interviewed me about the meaning of "blow" for The New York Observer. An excerpt is here and the URL for the complete article is here.

  • Steve Anderson, a Los-Angeles-based producer, director, and filmmaker, is currently producing a full-length feature film about the F-word (called FUCK). On 13 Nov 2004, he and his crew visited me and filmed a two-hour interview about anything related to "fuck." Because many famous folks were interviewed for this documentary, all but five minutes of this filmed interview will end up on the cutting room floor. This movie may be released by Miramax in Fall 2005. More info about it here for fast DSL & Cable connections and here for slow dial-ups.

  • Vito Tartamella, editor-in-chief of the Italian magazine Focus, interviewed me for his long article on insults, curses, and other maledicta, which will appear shortly. I'll list here the link and excerpt once it's in print.

  • Journalist Esther Hecht (Jerusalem) interviewed me in January 2004 about the special characteristics of Yiddish curses for her book review/article (San Diego Union-Tribune, 1 April 2004) about Yosef Guri's multilingual Let's Hear Only Good News: Yiddish Blessings and Curses. More info about that book is here and her book review is archived here.

  • Rune Øgendahl interviewed me for his article about Maledicta, international insults, and me, "Doktor i fornærmelser" and "Han prutter i din faders skæg," Ekstra Bladet (Copenhagen, Denmark, 11 March 2004, sektion 1, pp. 22-23). An excerpt is archived here.

  • Knud Romer Jørgensen wrote a long essay about Maledicta and my turbulent life, "Verdens farligste postkortskribent....," in Weekendavisen (Copenhagen, Denmark, 27 February 2004, section 3, p. 8). His article in Danish is archived here.

  • Maledict and its editor are mentioned in the Preface (Voorwoord) of Justitiële verkenningen, vol. 29, no. 3, April 2003, "Vloeken, schelden en schimpen," published by the Dutch Department of Justice (Ministerie van Justitie). The eight articles about cursing, swearing and name-calling are in Dutch and .pdf format:

  • Kerstin Friemel (Hamburg/New York) interviewed me for a long article in German, "Verdammt geschwätzig," about swearing and cursing in the business world, for Financial Times Deutschland (5 Sept. 2003). Her article is archived here.

  • Rik Smits (Amsterdam) visited me for our interview "Reinhold Aman: De VS worden steeds minder vrij," in Wordt Vervolgd: Maandblad van Amnesty International (The Netherlands, Sept. 2002), pp. 18-20. This interview is about post-Sept. 11 USA and the increasing loss of free speech due to political correctness.

  • Sally Jenkins interviewed me for her article "Tyson's Foul Mouth Is a Window to His Soul," in The Washington Post (12 May 2002), p. D06. Her article is archived here.

  • "Macht?" -- Liesbeth Koenen's column about the Dutch Anti-Cursing Society and Uncle Mal's current woes, in NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands), 12 March 2001, back page.

  • Excerpts from Lori Robertson's article "Language Barriers: What guidelines do news organizations use when it comes to publishing or airing offensive language?" in American Journalism Review, vol. 22, no. 9 (Nov. 14-20, 2000), pp. 38-41. This deals with George W. Bush's comment about Adam Clymer, a New York Times reporter, whom he described to Dick Cheney as a "major-league asshole." The excerpts are here.

  • Spanish review of Maledicta 11 and 12 by Juan Gabriel López Guix in Vasos Comunicantes (Madrid, Spain), vol. 10, Winter 1997--1998, publ. Dec. 1999. (If the connection is slow, click here for review.)

  • Interview with Pat Mellon (New Orleans) about Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal and prison life, broadcast live on the Internet by GlobalCast, 17 Nov 1999. This outfit seems to be dead.

  • "Kubrick" (The article's author and friend of the late Stanley Kubrick mentions the filmmaker's love of Maledicta and cites a "Kakologia" riddle) by Michael Herr in Vanity Fair (USA), August 1999: 185.

  • "Runda ord i långa banor" (Mentions the importance of Maledicta in a survey of significant works on "dirty" and "ugly" words in the USA, England and Sweden) by Bengt Dagrin in Alla Tiders Böcker 21 (Sweden), Fall, 1998: 6-10.

  • "Devil of a Time" (Report on Uncle Mal's skirmishes with Satanists and mouth-breathing moron Mimi Cunt) by David Templeton in The Sonoma County Independent (USA), 12 March 98: 23.

  • "Vieze woorden in de ruimte" (Dirty Words in Cyberspace; an excellent report on Maledicta, the Links page, and this Web site) by Ewoud Sanders in NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands), 13 Jan 98 and also archived here.

  • "Play's the Thing" (praise of Beelzebubian Maledicta) by William Irvine in The New York Times Magazine, 14 Sept 97: 46. -- Reprinted in The International Herald Tribune (Paris), 15 Sept 97: 9, Asahi Evening News (Japan), 21 Sept 97, and elsewhere.

  • "The Expletive Files" (review of Maledicta 12) by Michael Perkins in Screw, 9 June 97: 18.

  • Review of Maledicta 12 by Chris Becker in Factsheet 5, #61 (USA), 7 Apr 97: 24.

  • "Blanker Horror -- aber gut formuliert" (a short, positive review of Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal) by Ronald Rippchen in Hanf! magazine (Germany), Apr 97: 23. The excerpt is here.

  • "Mob Instinct: Reinhold Aman on the Slang-filled Gangster Flick 'Donnie Brasco'" by David Templeton in The Sonoma County Independent (USA), 6 March 97: 26. This interview is also archived here.

  • "Teaching the World to Cuss" by Cathy Alter in Generation Next (USA), Feb 97: 9.

  • Mention of How Do They Do It? by Prof. Rudolf Schmid in Taxon: Journal of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy 46 (USA), Feb 97: 168.

  • "Schelden is gezond" (about insults and an excellent review of Maledicta 11 and 12, esp. Aman's "J'accuse" article) by Marc Schoorl in De Groene Amsterdammer (The Netherlands), 29 Jan 97. This essay is also archived here.

  • "There are Six Million Ways to Dis. Choose One" by Cathy Alter in Might magazine (USA), Jan-Feb 97: 22-23. Read excerpt with juicy quote about Barbara Walters.

  • "Dubbelte Punt" (excerpts from Vrij Nederland) in Het Parool (The Netherlands), 6 Jan 97: 15.

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  • The first major interviews by Time magazine (1978) and Newsweek (1980) are archived here.