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Bad Ass

Uncle Maledictus

Copyright © 1996 by Liesbeth Koenen

Here are Uncle Mal's
very personal pages.

If his honest, blunt, no-bullshit style upsets you, don't even think of complaining.

Just beat it.

But if you like what he's doing, mail him an encouraging word which, godnose, seldom is heard.

Uncle Maledictus

Uncle Mal also uses these pages as an electronic pillory, where the guilty are tied up and exposed to the world.

This section features information about news reports and interviews with Uncle Mal, reviews and mentions of Maledicta Press publications, praise of great journalists and damnation of rotten pencil-pushers, verbal attacks on and sardonic opinions of certain shysters and judges, examples of Free Speech denied, personal gripes about companies and sumbitches that make his work and life miserable or need to be pilloried permanently, and Uncle Mal's concept of the Ideal Woman.

Card received on my 64th birthday from Kristie M.:

On the day that you were born,
the angels got together and said,
"This one's really gonna drive 'em crazy!"

News - Reviews - Interviews
Great and Rotten Journalists
Legal Scumbags
J'accuse! An Open Letter to Janet Reno
The Electronic Pillory
Uncle Mal's Ideal Woman

You all come back now, you hear!
(I earned my Ph.D. in Texas, you know)