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        Maledicta 1/1 (Summer 1977), 108 pp., is permanently out of print as of February 2009.
        Maledicta 1/2 (Winter 1977), 220 pp., is permanently out of print as of February 2003.
___ Maledicta 2
(1978), 320 pp. [was $20.00] Now only = $7.00
        Maledicta 3 (1979), 320 pp., is permanently out of print as of May 2007.
___ Maledicta 4/1 (Summer 1980), 160 pp. [was $10.00] Now only = $5.00
        Maledicta 4/2 (Winter 1980), 160 pp., is permanently out of print as of April 2005.
___ Maledicta 5 (1981), 352 pp. [was $23.50] Now only = $7.00
___ Maledicta 6 (1982), 320 pp. [was $23.50] Now only = $5.00
___ Maledicta 7 (1983), 320 pp. [was $23.50] Now only = $5.00
        Maledicta 8 (1984-85), 320 pp. is permanently out of print as of December 2008.
___ Maledicta 9 (1986-87), 320 pp. [was $25.00] Now only = $5.00
___ Maledicta 10 (1988-89), 320 pp. [was $25.00] Now only = $5.00
___ Maledicta 11 (1990-95), 160 pp. [was $12.50]. Contents. Now only = $5.00
___ Maledicta 12 (1996), 160 pp. [was $12.50]. Contents. Now only = $5.00
___ Maledicta 13 (1997-2004), 160 pp.[was $20.00]. Contents. July 2005. Now only = $5.00

Maledicta 13 is the final volume. No further volumes can be published.

___ Aman, Reinhold. Bayrisch-österreichisches Schimpfwörterbuch. Lexicon of 2,500 Bavarian and Austrian terms of abuse. Psycholinguistic introduction to verbal aggression. Introduction to Bavarian. In Bavarian and German. For a review in German and samples pages click here. A new quality paperback edition by Allitera Verlag in Munich was published in May 2005. Europeans should order directly from the publisher in Munich. 18,00 Euro = $24.00.

___ Aman, Reinhold. Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal: A Guide to Life and Lingo in Federal Prison. Click here for more information. 1996. Sewn, softbound, 96 pp. [was $9.95] Now only = $5.00

___ Aman, Reinhold. How Do They Do It? A Collection of Wordplays Revealing the Sexual Proclivities of Man and Beast. Some 2000 wordplays by the Editor, Maledicta Society members, and members of Mensa. 1983. 64 pp. [was $5.00] Now only = $3.00

Aman, Reinhold. Opus Maledictorum: A Book of Bad Words. A new anthology from Maledicta vols. 1-11. Click here for more information. New York: Marlowe & Co., 1996. Softcover, 364 pp. Permanently out of print as of October 2005.

Aman, Reinhold. Talking Dirty: A Bawdy Compendium of Abusive Language, Outrageous Insults & Wicked Jokes. An anthology from Maledicta vols. 1-10. London: Robson Books, 1993. Softcover, 213 pp., £8.99. Available in Great Britain and Commonwealth countries only. Now distributed by Anova Books, London. There's also a rip-off edition of this book by Carroll & Graf, N.Y. who never paid a cent royalties.

___ Read, Allen Walker. Classic American Graffiti. Click here for a description. Paris, 1935. Reprinted 1988. 89 pp. [was $7.50] Now only = $6.00

___ Maledicta Insult Cards. 3" x 4". Four unusual ones ("Kiss my ass!" in Yiddish, "May you get fucked by a donkey!" in hieroglyphics, "Thank you for not farting," and "You asshole!" as an exquisite anatomical drawing). If ordered separately, postpaid: USA = $1.35; Foreign $1.75. If sent with book(s) = $0.50

___ Dr. Aman's Insult Calendar. 366 clean one-word insults. 7.25 x 5.5". Look up your birthday and find out what you are! See sample month here. If ordered separately, postpaid: USA = $1.00; Foreign $1.50. If sent with book(s) = $0.50

___ Maledicta Monitor. Newsletter with timeless short, funny items on insults, curses, slurs, censorship, elite maledicta, colorful miscellany, Kakologia, bibliography. 4-6 pages each. Maledicta Monitor was essentially a mini-Maledicta -- lots of short goodies, but no long articles or glossaries. Nothing from M.M. was or will be duplicated in the Maledicta journal. The 8 typeset issues contain the equivalent of about 120 pages of double-spaced 8-1/2" by 11" typewritten pages. These issues will not be reprinted. Get 'em while they last. Click here for excerpts. Complete set, numbers 1-8 (1990-1992). No. 8 was the final issue. Original price was $16.00. Now available for only $3.00 for complete set, plus postage: USA = $1.00; Canada = $1.50; all other countries = $3.00. Note: there's no shipping charge if Maledicta Monitor is mailed with books.

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