Opus Maledictorum
A Book of Bad Words

Edited by Reinhold Aman

Permanently out of print.

This entertaining and informative book is a compendium of colorful language in all its forms. A clever mixture of scholarly and popular, witty and serious essays and glossaries, it features insults, slurs, curse words, and blasphemous expressions from dozens of languages and cultures, including the worst Catalan, Italian, and Russian insults and blasphemies, medieval vulgarities, filthy limericks, slang terms for private parts, and thousands of other ribald delights.

Compiled from articles in Maledicta (volumes 1 to 11). See below for Contents.

364 pages - Soft covers - 6" x 9" - ISBN 1-56924-836-2. $14.95

Published by Marlowe & Company, New York, in 1996.

Naughty Naughty
Amazon.com Reviewer: B.W., USA
January 30, 2003

"A delightful, insightful book that will make you marvel and giggle. Literary enthusiasts and Howard Stern fans are both treated to lively stories, definitions and explorations of meanings that are richly entertaining. Many will not like it because it contains "equal opportunity offender" jokes that are not exactly politically correct. Get over it. This work is sardonic and witty and entirely refreshing in its unrepentant iconoclasm. The book is funny and educational and a worthy addition to the individualist's library."

A scholarly work on a much neglected subject.
Amazon.com Reviewer: steve@scientist.com from Los Angeles, California
August 29, 1999

"This is not a humor book. It is not a salacious book about dirty jokes. Instead, it is a serious work dealing with a subject about which people normally are uncomfortable: swearing and cursing (there is a difference!). In a well-selected collection of articles from scholars and well-informed lay persons, this book contains excellent examples of verbal aggression from around the world."

Table of Contents

Opus Maledictorum

  • Malas Palabras: Talking Dirty in Cuban Spanish
  • On Christian-Moslem Relations in the Balkans
  • Malediction and Psycho-Semantic Theory: The Case of Yiddish
  • Aggression in Children's Jokes
  • Analysis of a Four-Letter Word [shit]
  • Prostituta in Modern Italian: Suffixation and the Semantic Field
  • A Taxonomy of the Provenance of Metaphorical Terms of Abuse
  • Common Patient-Directed Pejoratives Used by Medical Personnel
  • The Cockney's Horn Book: The Sexual Side of Rhyming Slang
  • How to Hate Thy Neighbor: A Guide to Racist Maledicta
  • Nelson Rockefeller and Mort Douce
  • Protestant Marriage Vows Revised
  • Elementary Russian Obscenity
  • Verbal Aggression Mexico City
  • Fist-Phallus [Greek]
  • Portuguese Nicknames
  • I Wanna Hot Dog For My Roll: Suggestive Song Titles
  • Sigma Epsilon Xi: Sex in the Typical University Classroom
  • No Farting [illustration]
  • One Toast, No Fork, No Sheet: An Italian Immigrant's Story
  • Colorful Speech I
  • Miscellany
  • Tom, Dick and Hairy: Notes on Genital Pet Names
  • Canadian Sexual Terms
  • Italian Blasphemies
  • A Glossary of Common Terms Useful for Beginning Teachers in the Public School System of New York
  • "Your Mother's Like...": Formula in Contemporary American Ritual Insults
  • Kakologia
  • Catalan Blasphemies
  • Windy Words: A Glossary of Euphemisms for the Expulsion of Intestinal Gas
  • Ritual and Personal Insults in Stigmatized Subcultures: Gay, Black, Jew
  • Howard University Law School Final Examination
  • Ageist Language and Lexicon
  • Colorful Speech II
  • Ads for TV Executions
  • Offensive Language Via Computer
  • A Continuation of a Glossary of Ethnic Slurs in American English
  • Don't Clog Up the Love Current in Her Brain: Marriage Counseling, Black Muslim Style
  • Australian Maledicta
  • Terms of Abuse, Terms of Endearment, and Pet Names for Breasts and Other Naughty Body Parts (Click here to see abusive terms for "breasts" used in California and Texas.)
  • Offensive Rock Band Names: A Linguistic Taxonomy
  • Slogans to Promote National Condom Week
  • What -ist Are You?: A Guide to Common Prejudices
  • Debunking Kennedy's "I Am a Jelly-Filled Doughnut."
  • Door Whore and Other New Mexico Restaurant Slang
  • Canonical Strictures against Swearing and Blaspheming
  • Mozart's Bizarre Verbal Behavior: A Case of Tourette's Syndrome?
  • You're Ugly, Your Dick is Small, and Everybody Fucks Your Mother!: The Stand-Up Comedian's Response to the Heckler. (See an earlier version here.)
  • Nomen est Omen

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