From Maledicta 11 (1995), page 4

(2005 - Maledicta is dead...)

After five years of dormancy, Maledicta is back again, freshly designed and sassier than ever. Starting with this issue, revivified Maledicta will be 160 pages and appear twice a year -- foul Feds and nasty legal riffraff permitting.

   When the Federal Nazis released me from prison in February 1995, all I had left was some $500 -- not even enough to pay the rent for the next month. I had to cash in the small IRA savings account that divorce-court judge Bitch Peckerhead had left me, so that I could notify you of my long silence. I rushed out 5,250 "Dear and Kind-Souled Reader" letters to raise funds by selling books and begging for financial support. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to let you know that I desperately needed money for rent and food, so that I could carry on publishing our beloved Maledicta.

   Some 4,800 "friends of Maledicta" didn't give a rat's ass, being too cheap or uncaring to help me out in these depressing days, not even with ten bucks.

   But 390 readers in the U.S. and 89 abroad responded, to whom I will always be grateful for their support. Steve Brown sent me a loan of $5,000. These are true friends in need, indeed.

   My biggest and undyiNg gratitude goes to my dear daughter Susan, who heroically took care of my rented house, bills, books and cats while old Dad was in the slammer hundreds of miles away.

   I have material for at least 20 more volumes of Maledicta, and new manuscripts pour in weekly. I'll do my utmost to bring you a new exciting volume every six months -- unless repulsive legal swine interfere again with my remaining years.

   Not having money to be defended by a Marcia-Clark-type super-lawyer, I am just a patsy and easy prey ruthlessly fucked over by vicious and morally corrupt legal sewer rats. Hundreds of intelligent, decent attorneys and judges are Maledicta fans. It would be good to have some of them offer me pro bono help to defend my and every American's Free Speech Rights.

-- Reinhold Aman