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September 12 - 18, 1996

Book Leaves

SUMMER'S LATE harvest inevitably brings a cornucopia of new literary releases by local authors and illustrators. Allow us to share with you a few of the homegrown talents whom we are all proud to call neighbors and friends. Synopses by Dylan Bennett, Gretchen Giles, Liesel Hofmann, Sara Peyton, Zack Stentz, David Templeton, and Jenna Templeton (age 10). [Excerpt. -- RA]

Dr. Reinhold Aman
Maledicta 12: The International Journal of Verbal Aggression

Santa Rosa: Maledicta Press, 1996, 160 pp.; $12.50

Volume 12 continues in the same iconoclastic, shock-'em-and-shake-'em vein of intellectual brain-porn that Aman established years ago with his first collection of essays dedicated to the examination of verbal aggression. There are 22 essays in all, each one illuminating a different aspect of the dirty little ways that people use words. Catch Gwen Foss's wild glossary of Domino's Pizza slang (pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage pizzas, with the acronym PMS, are called "Bitch Pies"; "extra blood" means extra sauce). Other notable entries include Henk Salleveldt's discussion of graffiti left in latrines by Dutch soldiers, and Aman's own provocatively titled essay, "Linguistic and Blasphemous Aspects of Bavarian Micturation and American Toilet Names." --DT

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