Vol. 1 (1977) to Vol. 10 (1988-1989)

Maledicta 1 (1977)
G. Legman Festschrift
American Insults
Talking Dirty in Cuban Spanish
Our Strongest Taboo Word
Yiddish Maledictions
Macedonian Place Names & Insults
Céline and the Language of Hate
Sexual Metaphors in Renaissance Literature
Italian Profanity
Sarcastic Questions
Onomastic Questionnaire
Aggression in Children's Jokes
Xenophobic Ethnica
Poetic Insults from Ghana
Analysis of a Four-Letter Word
Prostitute in Italian (Suffixes)
Onomastics of Black Rabble
Psychological Research with Dirty Words
English Sexual Cursing
Keeks, Kikes, Kooks & Courrèges
Roman Graffiti
French Pederasts' Dialog
Taxonomy of Metaphoric Insults

Maledicta 2 (1978)
Graffiti as Folklore
Greek Gay Slang
George Carlin's Seven Words
Restroom Graffiti
French-Canadian Profanities
Doctors' Pejoration of Patients
Czech Ethnonyms
Italian Insults and Profanity
The Secret of Humor
Offensive Thai Wordplays
Cockney Sexual Rhyming Slang
Israeli Soccer Cheers & Jeers
A Guide to Racist Slurs
Hamlet's Crude Insults
Curses for Book-Thieves
Swearing in Australian Football
Swearing Apes
Maledicta Research Methods
Catullus XLI
What Do You Call a Sex-Pack?
Macedonian Bawdy Folk Tale
Quirk & Anti-Quirk
Change the Name of Arkansas?

Maledicta 3 (1979)
Ernest Borneman Festschrift

Historical Irish Insults
Obscenity in Candide
Etymology of Broad
Yoruba Terms of Abuse
Coital Vulgarisms
Futuristic Name-Calling
Portuguese Nicknames
Black Excremental Poetry
Spanish Gypsy Curses
Greek Fist-Phallus Gestures
Hispanic Machismo
Taboo Trade Names
Ethnic Slurs in US English
California Indian Insults
Canadian Slurs
Hamlet Maledictum
Elementary Russian Obscenity
Dingbats: Symbolic Euphemisms
Kinks & Queens: Gay Lingo
Swiss Insults

Maledicta 4 (1980)
Guide to Inoffensive Swearing
H.L. Mencken's Insults
Obscene Words in Dictionaries
Students' Insults
Obscene Cantonese Particles
Medical Pejoratives
Glossary of Homosexuality
In a Pig's Ass
Vulgarisms in Ancient Tongues
Kiss My Ass! in Bavarian
Carajo in British Literature
Coprolites & Urolites
Pussy Café Menu
Racial and Ethnic Slurs
G. Legman Bibliography
Lethal Sexual Limericks
Offensive US Army Codes
British Erotic Vocabulary
Beastly Invective
Psycholinguistic Problems of Vulva
Onomastics of Gay Camp
Wet Dream and Ejaculate
Serbo-Croatian Travel Glossary
Russian Obscenities & Insults
KFAT Radio and the FCC

Maledicta 5 (1981)
Elias Petropoulos Festschrift

Greek Underworld Songs
Genital Pet Names
Condom Trade Names
Preadolescent Obscene Talk
Suggestive Song Titles
Sexual University Graffiti
Ethnic Group Acronyms
Talmudic Euphemisms
Mandarin Chinese Insults
Co(s)micality of Shit
Bad Words in Tonga
Chaucer's View of Women
Blasphemy Trial in Québec
Photocopy Humor
Menomini Indian Glossary
Anti-Clerical Limericks
Lexicography of Cock
Iranian Insults & Curses
Usage of 121 Dirty Words
Repulsive Menus
Pessimistic Prison Slang
Ethnic Slurs from 1774
Sleep Talking in Dutch
German Advertising Graffiti
Russian Women's Bawdy Verse
Maledicta 6 (1982)
Puns in Advertising
Canadian Sexual Terms
Karl Marx, Maledictor
Guide to Political Mudslinging
Australian English
Synonyms for Greek Gays
Celebrity Sick Jokes
Italian Blasphemies
Japanese Sexual Maledicta
Funny Book Titles
Erotic Greek Folk Verse
What are Graffiti for?
Americans Learning Polish
Lesbian Language
Jocular Words in English
Ironic German Medical Terms
German Wellerisms
Gay, Fairy, Camping
Semantic Change
Persian Insult Poetry
Argentinian Spanish Insults

Maledicta 7 (1983)
Ethnic Slurs by Food Preference
Doctors' Slurs of Patients
Twisted Proverbs
Defense of Italian-Americans
Teenagers' Jokes & Riddles
Catalan Blasphemies
Smegma in Dictionaries
Censorship by Dictionary Makers
Decline and Fall of Lady
History of Sexual Cruising
Glossary of Fart Euphemisms
African Tone Riddles
Gay Ingroup Insults
Bavarian Insults from Names
Sicilian Nicknames
Animal Metaphors for Women
Sexual Intercourse Euphemisms
Funny Yiddish Legend
Valentines from San Francisco
Black Law School Exam Spoof
Nasty Riddles and Naughty Wordplays

Maledicta 8 (1984-85)
Murder Caused by Angry Words
All about Merkin
Medical Christmas Song
Verbal Abuse of Old People
Pornithology & Dirty Birds
Ethiopian and AIDS Jokes
Politicians' Name-Calling Past and Present
Sexist Insults in Polish
Running Comments on Diarrhea
Masturbation Terms via Computer
Verbal Abuse: Ulithi and the Congo
Marginal Humor of Jews & Blacks
James Watt's Cripple
American Condom Names
Gay and Homo in Finnish
Offensive Words in Dictionaries
All about Wimp
Brazilian Negro Proverbs & Slurs
Nicknames for Universities, Cities, Newspapers, Companies, Food
Kakologia: Ribald Riddle and Jokes

Maledicta 9 (1986-1987)
Lillian Mermin Feinsilver Festschrift

Romanization of Yiddish
Is George Bush a Wimp or a Preppy?
Name-Calling Made Easy
Celebrity Poll
Black University Basketball Prospects
Uncensored Graffiti from England
The Pronunciation of Cunnilingus in Dictionaries
Ethnic Slurs in U.S. English
Polish Chernobyl Jokes
A Numerical System to Avoid Dirty Words
Thomas Crapper's WC
Strange Marriage Counseling by Black Muslims
Australian Insults and Threats
Poetic Copulation Euphemisms
Canadian Gay Jokes
Verbal Abuse by Doctors and Nurses
Bawdy Book Titles
Slang of Prostitutes, Homosexuals,
__Pedophiles, Flagellators,
__Transvestites, and Necrophiliacs
Satirical Italian Obituary
Extensive Bibliography
Official Polish Sex Quiz
Dictionary Definitions of Sodomy, Bestiality and Pederasty
Euphemisms for Homosexual Acts in English and Foreign-Language Bibles
Kakologia: Ribald Riddles about
__Politicians, Jim Bakker,
__Anal Roberts, "Jokes" about
__AIDS, Gerbils, Liberace,
__Men, Women, Professions,
__Ethnic Groups

Maledicta 10 (1988-1989)
Anti-Religious Graffiti in New York City
Medical Slang from San Francisco and Milwaukee
Naughty Telephone Numbers
Nice, Nasty, and Pet Names for Bawdy Body Parts
Offensive Rock Band Names
Slurs in American & Australian Dictionaries
Cursing & Swearing in Ireland
Colorful Insults in Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Swahili
Women's Sexist Language
Pejorative Nicknames of Baseball All-Stars
Colorful Language from Appalachian WW II Soldiers
Attorney-Hunting Permit and Bag Limits
Challenger Shuttle "Jokes"
Funny Slogans to Promote Condom Use
The Pronunciation of Uranus
Sassy Sayings on Buttons, Cards, and T-Shirts
Slurs in a Computer Spell Checker
The Taxonomy of Benediction and Malediction
Sassy Letters to Mike Royko and a Postmaster
Kakologia: Libidinous Linguistics,
__Ribald Riddles and Wicked
__Wordplays about Politicians,
__Celebrities, Sports Figures,
Men, Women, Gays, and
__many others worldwide.