Volume 12

Panning a Panner
Reinhold Aman
Domino's Pizza Jargon [also archived here]
Gwen Foss
Presidential Candidates 1996
Reinhold Aman
Wicked Cognates
William Whallon
Medieval Maledicta
Reinhold Aman
On the Historical Longevity of One Four-Letter Word: The Interplay of Phonology
  and Semantics
Rei R. Noguchi
Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline
Uncle Mal's Secret List of Contributors
Uncle Maledictus
Dutch Soldiers' Latrinalia
Henk Salleveldt
Lance Ito's Side Bar & Grill
Sex and Violence in the Indo-European Languages
James M. Ogier
The Rake
Thomas Hamilton (1769)
Lexical Categories of Homosexual Behaviour in Modern Burmese
George van Driem
Unchristian and Dangerous: Censoring Maledicta
Reinhold Aman
Flames & Smokey
Reinhold Aman
The Consequences of Yugoslav Wars on the Occurrence of Swearwords in the
  Mass Media
Bernard Nezmah
Susan Catherine's Overheard Conversations
Reinhold Aman
The Language and Style of Malevolence: A Language Analysis of Yoruba Èébú
Níjì Oládèjì
Shit Happens
Edited by Reinhold Aman
Clinton Administration Playbill
Matt Giwer -- Internet
Linguistic and Blasphemous Aspects of Bavarian Micturition and American Toilet
Reinhold Aman
Edited by Reinhold Aman

Maledicta 12 was published in August 1996. Quality typeset, sewn and printed.
Soft covers, 160 pages. To order, see Price List.

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