2005 to Present

Compiled by Reinhold Aman

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  • Ketelaars, Jeroen. Sex drugs appeltaart & 400 andere teksten op Tilburgse muren. Tilburg: Uitgeverij Code X, 2005. Unpaginated. With a Foreword by R. Aman, archived here. Bibliophilic clothbound edition in 400 copies. 20 Euro (ca. US$24).

  • Mariani, Lorenzo (actually: Vito Tartamella). "Il bello delle parolacce" ['The beauty of bad words'] in Focus (Italy), November 2006, pp. 38-52. A long article quoting MAL and me, excerpted from his book below.

  • Tartamella, Vito. Parolacce: Perché le diciamo, che cosa significano, quali effetti hanno. ["Bad words: why we say them, what they mean, and what effects they have"]. Milano: Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli, 2006. Euro 9.50. Paperback, 378 pages; with an extensive bibliography. It is subtitled (here translated): "From the Babylonians to Roberto Benigni. 4,000 years of curses, obscenities and insults." There's an Italian-language blog about this book at http://www.focus.it/Community/cs/blogs/vito_dixit/default.aspx and a blurb at http://www.ibs.it/code/9788817012317/tartamella-vito/parolacce-perche-diciamo.html

  • Werner, Ella Carina. "Dzafti kurafti!" ['Eat my asshole hairs!' -- an article about curses in Balkan countries, with Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Serbian, and Roma (Gypsy) examples] in Die Flause (Berlin, Germany), July 2006, pp. 17-19. A revised version of this article appeared in the German satirical magazine Titanic in February 2007, pp. 54-55.

    In Progress

  • Bach, Nele. "Connasse, Câlice, Kilba" oder Ein Überblick über den Gebrauch von Schimpfwörtern weltweit und an den frankophonen Beispielgebieten Frankreich, Quebec und Marokko". 2006.

  • Jelvis, Vladimir I.
  • Lienbacher, Karin.
  • Glosario de Términos Vulgares e Insultos. Malas Palabras. (From Argentina. Excellent!)
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