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Curriculum Vitæ of a Cunning Linguist


Reinhold Albert Aman was born on April 8, 1936, in Fürstenzell (Bavaria), Germany. He grew up in Straubing and Oberschneiding, studied chemical engineering in Augsburg, and worked in Frankfurt and Munich. In 1957 he emigrated to Montréal, Canada, and in 1959 to the USA, where he earned teaching degrees in languages and literatures. He speaks Bavarian, English, French, German, Spanish, and Yiddish and reads or understands about 20 other languages and dialects. Since 1965 he has been researching verbal aggression in some 220 languages and dialects from the past 5,000 years.  Married in 1960. Divorced in 1990 after 25 years of increasing hell. One wonderful daughter, Susan, was born in 1964.


  • 1953--56: Translator and Clerk for the U.S. Army (CIC) in Frankfurt and Chemical Analyst for adhesives and resins in Frankfurt and Munich
  • 1957--59: Petroleum Chemist. Montréal, Canada
  • 1959--61: Metallurgist and Analytical Chemist. Milwaukee, Wis., USA
  • 1968--74: Assistant Professor of German at "Dungheap U" in Milwaukee, Wis.
  • 1974-- : Editor and Publisher. Waukesha, Wis., and Santa Rosa, Calif. (1990--)



  • B.S.: High Honors, University of Wisconsin, 1965. Majors: German and Secondary Education. Minors: French and Spanish
  • Ph.D.: University of Texas, 1968. Major: German Language and Literature to 1400. Minor: Germanic Linguistics. Dissertation: "Der Kampf in Wolframs Parzival" (a 275-page analysis of 151 battle scenes in this 24,000-line heroic epic of the 12th century)

Honors and Awards

  • Dean's List, 1962--1965
  • Sophomore High Honors
  • Senior High Honors
  • Graduated with High Honors and High Honors in Secondary Education
  • Three scholarships, 1963--1965
  • French-German Award, 1965
  • NDEA Title IV U.S. Government Fellowship, 1965--1968
  • Research Grant, University of Wisconsin Graduate School, 1973
  • Computer Research Grant, University of Wisconsin, 1974
  • Standard Oil Teaching Excellence Award (among top 3 winners), 1974

Professional Memberships (past and present)

  • American Association of Teachers of German
  • American Association of University Professors
  • American Dialect Society
  • American Name Society
  • Dictionary Society of North America
  • International Arthurian Society
  • International Linguistics Association
  • Linguistic Society of America
  • Modern Language Association
  • Pedagogical Seminar for Germanic Philology
  • Philological Association of the Pacific Coast


  • Pre-High School: Deutsche Schule, Milwaukee, Wis., 1959--1960. Introduction to German.
  • High School: Milwaukee, Wis., and Austin, Texas, 1964--1968 (mostly part time). Taught German, French, Spanish, English.
  • University:
  • University of Texas, 1967--1968. Teaching Assistant and Teaching Associate
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ("Dungheap U"), 1968--1974. Assistant Professor of German. Taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in Grammar, Stylistics, Conversation, Phonetics, Philology, Medieval and Baroque Literature, Dialectology, Bibliography, and Research Methods.


Book Reviews (1969--1971):

  • German Quarterly, Modern Language Journal

Journals and Newsletters:

Miscellaneous Writings:

  • Numerous articles and notes in American Notes & Queries, Comments on Etymology, Jewish Language Review, Libido, Maledicta, Sesquipedalian, Verbatim, Word Ways, etc.


  • Der Kampf in Wolframs Parzival. Ann Arbor, 1968
  • Sinnliches (German wordplays). Milwaukee, 1971
  • Löcherliches: Bildwörter (German wordplays). Milwaukee, 1973
  • Pornographia: Picturesexed Words (English wordplays). Milwaukee, 1974
  • Cuss Along with Dick; Or, Expletives Restored. Milwaukee, 1974
  • NIXLER: The Prosaic Poetry of Richard Nixon and Adolf Hitler. Milwaukee, 1974
  • Bayrisch-österreichisches Schimpfwörterbuch. Munich, 1973. Various editions published in 1978, 1983, 1986, 1996, 2005
  • How Do They Do It? A Collection of Wordplays Revealing the Sexual Proclivities of Man and Beast. Waukesha, 1983
  • The Best of Maledicta. Philadelphia, 1987
  • Talking Dirty: A Bawdy Compendium of Abusive Language, Outrageous Insults & Wicked Jokes. London, 1993 and New York, 1994
  • Opus Maledictorum: A Book of Bad Words. New York, 1996
  • Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal: A Guide to Life and Lingo in Federal Prison. Santa Rosa, 1996

General Editor

  • Mark Twain's The Mammoth Cod, 1976
  • Allen Walker Read's Classic American Graffiti, Paris, 1935. Reprints 1977, 1988
  • Abraham Roback's A Dictionary of International Slurs, 1979


  • "Bavarian Invectives: Structures, Types, Semantic Changes." University of Texas, 1968
  • "On the Structure of German Invectives." Modern Language Association, New York, 1970
  • "Psychological, Literary, and Linguistic Aspects of German Pejoratives." San Francisco, 1972
  • "Die Beschimpfung im Deutschen: Bestandteile und Strukturen." Modern Language Association, New York, 1972
  • "Los orígenes de las injurias metafóricas en alemán." International Linguistic Association, Arequipa, Perú, 1973
  • "A Writing System for Bavarian Dialects." Linguistic Society of America, Ann Arbor, 1973
  • "Zur Schreibung Deutscher Mundarten." Boston, 1973
  • "Verbal Violence: Psychological, Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Aspects of Obscenities, Blasphemies and Insults." University of Regensburg, Germany, 1975, and University of Munich, 1977
  • "Dingbat, Dungheap and Dunce: Metaphoric Terms of Abuse in English and Other Tongues." Phoenix, 1980
  • "Pshitt, Fockink and Dunk: How Not to Name Your Product." University of Delaware, 1981, and Washington, DC, 1982
  • "Definitions of Sodomy and Pederasty in Dictionaries." Newberry Library, Chicago, 1986
  • "Terms of Endearment and Abuse for Women's Breasts and Other Naughty Body Parts." American Name Society, Chicago, 1988
  • "Verbal Violence." At various universities in Canada, Europe, and the United States, 1975--.
  • "Pshitt, Fockink and Dunk: How Not to Name Your Product." San Francisco, 1996
  • "Êtes-vous une déviation de la norme? Les causes principales des insultes personnelles." Colloque "Les insultes 3 : Bilan et perspectives." Université de Savoie (Chambéry, France), May 30, 2009


  • "A Computer-Oriented Analysis of German Pejorative Nouns and Adjectives." University of Wisconsin Graduate School, 1973
  • "Computer Analysis of a Taxonomy for Value Systems." University of Wisconsin, 1974


  • Member, Chairman or Secretary: Committee on Linguistics, Faculty Evaluations, Student Appeals, Faculty Advisory Committee to the Dean, Faculty Senate, Course & Curriculum Committee

  • German Department at Dungheap U: Recording Secretary and Bibliographer. Created German Studies Abroad, Pre-Registration Poll, Eulenspiegel-Verein, Program Revisions, German Dialect Tape Library. M.A. Examination Reader. Wrote proposals to improve undergraduate and graduate instruction.

  • Currently: Advisor to M.A. and Ph.D. candidates in the USA and abroad


  • Verbal Aggression Worldwide
  • Moral Value Systems
  • Intolerance
  • Deviations from the Norm
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Anthropological Linguistics
  • Metaphors & Similes
  • Morphology
  • Semantics
  • Onomastics
  • Computer Language Analysis
  • Writing Systems for Unwritten Languages
  • Lexicography
  • Dialectology
  • Bavarian
  • Yiddish
  • Pictorial Dictionaries
  • Slang and Marginal Languages
  • Wit and Humor


  • All Languages and Cultures
  • Classical and Ethnic Music
  • Fine Arts
  • Reference Books and Dictionaries
  • Typesetting, Graphics, and Publishing
  • Shortwave Radio
  • Microscopy
  • Computers
  • Prison Life
  • Legal Reforms
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Cats, Kittens & other Pussies


  • President: Maledicta - The International Research Center for the Study of Verbal Aggression and The International Maledicta Society
  • Publisher and Editor: Maledicta: The International Journal of Verbal Aggression and Maledicta Press Monographs
  • Director: The International Maledicta Archives


  • Honest, industrious, decent, and unselfish people
  • Excellent teachers



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