Letter to The Times Literary Supplement

Below is my letter to the editor at The Times Literary Supplement (London)

Re: J.C.'s review of Maledicta 13 ("NB - Commentary," 29 July 2005, p. 14).

Sir,- 'Tis a pity that J.C., in his comments on Maledicta 13 (NB, July 29), wasted so much space tongue-lashing me for my "Maledictorial." Since he is not, to my knowledge, one of those repulsively stingy American professors with whom I have had to deal since 1977, I wonder what made him focus on my heartfelt rant against deserving targets.

Two of his lashes are particularly unfair: they are quoted out of context and are wrong.

My "bout of verbal aggression" for "even more cash" is not directed at my patient and supportive readers who had sent money but at the 92% of my "fans" who were too bloody cheap to contribute a few dollars to keep Maledicta alive.

Worse, my accurate characterization, misquoted by J.C. as "opportunistic cheap-ass bastard," is not directed at just one of my authors (note plural bastards, p. 8, line 4) but at dozens of such parsimonious and parasitical professors.

How else would one describe, e.g., a world-famous Yank scholar who is earning at least $125,000 annually but who forces his university to buy my low-priced books for him and who has never contributed one cent? That's a cheap-ass bastard, right?

I would be happy to e-mail excerpts from my 10-page editorial to readers who are interested in learning the context of my venting (aman@sonic.net).

P.S.: The $20 price quoted by J.C. does not include postage.

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