The Film That Dare Not Speak Its Name

The long-awaited FUCK film -- in which your humble editor appears as one of the (in)famous folks interviewed -- was released theatrically by THINKfilm in New York City and Los Angeles on Nov. 10, 2006, and then continued across the country. It will later be shown on cable TV ("Showtime" channel) and has been available on DVD since February 13, 2007. You can find out more at www.fourletterfilm.com [dead link], but read the following WARNING first:

W A R N I N G !

The "new, improved" site for this documentary is fuckin' awful! With a modem connection (dial-up speed 45.3 K), it takes 85 seconds just to load the first letter (F) of the word FUCK. That's about six (6) minutes for the simple four-letter word FUCK to show up on your monitor. This sucks! If you don't have a superfast Internet connection, don't even bother clicking on the above link. I told Steve Anderson about their shitty new site and suggested that another site for dial-up modems be established or that the previous one (854 K for the Index page) be made accessible again.

Whoever that high-speed geek was who designed this idiotic, excruciatingly slow-loading "improved" site: Read "Web Page Design 101," especially chapter How Not to Piss Off Potential Viewers With Fuckin' Humongous Index Pages That Cause Interested Folks to Yell "Fuck this shit!" and Click Off.

For us slow-dial-uppers, there is another page about this film, here.[dead link]

For reviews, see the "Rotten Tomatoes" collection of links here. [dead link]
For comments from people who have seen this documentary, click here.


FUCK is an entertaining, yet socially-conscious film that explores the infamous f-word and its impact on popular culture, politics, censorship, and the First Amendment. In the past year, this documentary has screened to great acclaim and sold-out shows at over thirty film festivals worldwide, and the audiences have loved it.

It uses the word "fuck" more times than any other movie ever made, 824 times in 93 minutes, for an average of more than 8.8 "fucks" per minute. The DVD release includes an optional "curse counter" function that keeps a visual record of the number of appearances of the word both verbally and visually in the film.

  • "Four out of five fornicators surveyed agree: Fuck rocks. Steve Anderson's enlightening examination into the history and usage of the English language's most forceful and utilitarian vulgarity is a hilarious and often eye-opening piece of filmmaking." -- Austin Chronicle

  • "Its very mention drives certain people into spasms of righteous indignation." -- Variety

  • "Essential viewing for linguists and guttermouths alike." -- San Francisco Bay Guardian

  • "Outrageously funny; the snappy pace never sags ... everything you ever wanted to know about the world's favorite epithet." -- Twitch.com

  • "Brilliantly entertaining and so meticulously put together on every possible level ... Fuck covers so much ground and does it with such a blazon sense of humor and irony in its 90 minutes that you wish it would just go on forever." -- Efilmcritic.com